“There is no difference in who started to study first; the one who achieves accomplishment is first. Students from the same teacher will differ in their skills.”

Sijo Ip Man

Weekly Group Sessions

Kung Fu Cubs (Juniors)        Mondays during school terms        4.30 to 5.15pm

Wednesday nights Open Class     6.30 – 8pm

Saturday mornings Open Class  10.30 – 12pm 


It is important to note that whilst the first 4 forms will be taught to the Juniors, the 2 weapons forms will not be taught to them until they are in the adult class. This is due to the emotional and physical maturity required to handle such apparatus to ensure safety to both the student and their classmates

What Do We Train?

  • All 6 forms of Wing Chun Kung Fu (includes Long Pole and Short Swords)
  • Chisao (Sticky Hands) principles and sensitivity
  • Lion Dancing
  • Groundfighting/Grappling and Submissions
  • Personal fitness, balance, strength and conditioning
  • Philosophy
  • Situational Awareness
  • Practical combat in 1 v 1 or multiple opponent situations
  • Coping effectively with other styles of combat
  • And we have a lot of fun doing it all!


Sparring Development

Sparring development is also available for those who simply wish to develop their combat skills in a sporting sense. This includes all striking, kicking, grappling & ground-fighting/submission skills on the mats when applicable.

 Women’s Specialist Training

Sessions for females from junior to mature age are available with proven techniques and strategies for a range of self-defensive applications and for those who just enjoy the fitness training or combat sports components.

Casual Group Training

Casual training in the group is permitted providing casual members complete the club membership registration form.


Advanced Sessions

Advanced sessions are for those training at higher levels and will be coordinated between Sifu and student (todai) pending respective schedules. These are specifically for those requiring training that would be inappropriate for students at lower levels to be exposed to.

Private Tuition at Victor Harbor Wing Chun

                                Would you like to be a private student either on a fixed or casual basis? Get in touch with us to discuss the terms and conditions

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