What is Wing Chun?

“I owe all my accomplishment to my training in Wing Chun”

– Bruce Lee

  • A Southern Chinese Martial Art.
  • Designed by a woman to overcome larger, stronger adversaries
  • Easy to learn quickly for men and women regardless of your age, shape, size or present strength/fitness
  • An extremely useful program for general health, wellbeing, fitness, balance and coordination
  • Based entirely on human biomechanics and therefore extraordinarily practical 
  • Practised in over 64 countries worldwide
  • Introduced to the world by the legendary Bruce Lee in the 1960s
  • Made famous in recent years by the Ip Man movie franchise starring Donnie Yen along with many other movies featuring Sijo Ip Man as the central figure.

The Instructors

Sifu Matt Jorgensen

Certified Master Instructor

Sifu Matt started studying martial arts at age 11yo with Judo before moving through Rhee Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Grappling and other styles all in Adelaide, South Australia, through his teens before settling on Wing Chun at age 19yo on the Gold Coast under 10th Degree Grandmaster Sigung Tom Lo where once he gained Sihing status he would travel to Brisbane each week to train personally under Sigung Lo, Matt ran Sigung’s kwoons (training centres) in Miami, Mermaid Beach and Robina.


A Certified Master Instructor through Martial Arts Australia and passionate about Wing Chun, Sifu Matt has set up a kwoon in Victor Harbor for those who share a similar heart for the art or who would like to learn effective self-defence in a family-friendly, community-focused environment.


His other interests include a passion for music, family, movies, coaching student athletes and cultivating an evergrowing bonsai garden.

Dai Sihing Malcolm Munro
Certified Practising Instructor

Sihing Mal is one of the original 1st generation students at Victor Harbor Wing Chun and has been studying since 2016.

Previously a student of Shotokan Karate, he has found his true passion in martial arts with Wing Chun and is currently studying towards becoming a Sifu. He is a Certified Practising Instructor through Martial Arts Australia and heads up the Kung Fu Cubs program at VHWC.

Like Sifu Matt, Malcolm is highly musical playing several instruments and is a devoted Husband, Father and Grandfather serving the local community as a Family Pastor of Bayside Church International in Victor Harbor.

Sihing Christian Radcliffe
Certified Practising Instructor

Sihing Christian is arguably the fittest of the students at VHWC being a full-time Firefighter operating in the southern districts of Adelaide. A staunch family man with young children, Christian has found his calling as a practitioner of Wing Chun and is currently working towards becoming a Sifu. Like Dai Sihing Malcolm, he is a Certified Practising Instructor through Martial Arts Australia.

Like Matt and Mal, Christian is a musician/percussionist with a passion for world music and in particular African rope drums in which he is notably skilled. When not fighting fires, drumming or spending time with his family, he can often be found surfing the waves of the South Coast or the Yorke Peninsular.

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